We are accepting applications from students who are interested in attending South Palm Gardens High School during the 1st  semester of 2014 and meet the following criteria:


  • Commitment to attend our program daily
  • Motivated
  • Ability to work at an accelerated pace
  • Attend classes each day including TAKS/EOC preparation classes
  • Have earned 7 or more credits
  • Be a minimum of two years behind your graduation track
  • Students attempting at least their third year of high school
  • At-Risk and in need of Credit Recovery
  • Students in need of early graduation

Print out a copy of the application and referral form.  Take the referral form to your current high school counselor and fill out the forms completely.  Students will not be contacted for an interview if all forms are not filled out completely and signed by counselor, student and parents.  Current forms are located under the "latest news" link below

Thank you!  






School begins!   
Let's do this Class of 2015!